African Spices

African spices are an integral part of every African meal. For their African food recipes, you can help the newly married couple start stocking on some of these essential kitchen items. Spices native to Africa typically tend to have very distinctive tastes and fragrances. Most are derived from plants but we also sometimes re-purpose certain animals that typically have strong and distinctive flavors and use them for even more flavoring of our foods.

But alas, I can hear you asking yourself the question… “Is giving African spices an appropriate wedding present?” Well actually, for the African couple it is! We love our food, just ask any African woman or man… and if the couple is located anywhere outsideof their native homeland, then receiving these spices will be a very welcome gift.

Additionally, by tradition, in most African cultures kitchen and household items are very often given as gifts. Most of these compromise of livestock and foodstuff but since the giving of cattle, sheep, goats and/or herds of other sorts may not be very feasible in weddings outside of an African village… trust me, spices used for African foods will make a great and affordable gifts. They will also be good companion gifts to African cook books.

Please note that the items offered on this page are primarily Fair Trade products grown and harvested by local farmers. The accessories are handmade and handcrafted by local artisans. By purchasing Fair Trade products, you support the farmers who grow these items and the artisans who make them, as well as their families.

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