Herbs and Spices Aiding in Weight Management

Herbs and spices added to food don’t only improve taste significantly, but natural healthy spices have certain health benefits as it contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which have unique medicinal properties. Among some popular spices and herbs are some that significantly aid in weight management as they have weight loss properties. Adding healthy spices to your food such as the types listed below will help you in losing the extra pounds or maintain weight.
Ginseng is one of the healthy spices used in weight management for its metabolic rate speeding properties and boosting of energy levels. Especially Panax Ginseng, as research and studies proved its ability to improve fat loss and insulin sensitivity improvement.
Cayenne Pepper contains Capsaicin, a property of heat in this spice that increases thermogenesis in a body. In this instance a body will burn fat for creating heat and have great impact on fat storage and metabolism. Studies show that the use of thermo genic agents can increase fat burning by 16 % and metabolic rate increase of 5 %. During weight loss a person’s metabolic rate often decrease and Cayenne Pepper may counteract this.
Black Pepper is one of the most popular spices used daily and piperine is a property of black pepper not only giving it the pungent flavour, but new fat cells are blocked from forming. In combination with capsaicin, black pepper burns the same amount of calories as a 20 minute walk would.
Mustard aid in the burning of calories as it pushes up a metabolic rate by up to 25 present.
Cardamom is a sweet-spicy flavored spice also useful in metabolic boosting and fat burning.
Ginger has many medicinal advantages, but the thermo genic properties it possesses also boost metabolism and have appetite suppressive abilities.
Turmeric may assist in reduction of fat tissue as it contains Cur cumin, an active ingredient which suppresses blood vessels to form fat tissue. Cur cumin may assist in other obesity related diseases and metabolic disorders.