Some of the World’s Healthiest Spices

Modern science has uncovered the power of herbs and spices against the fight of various diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. Healthy spices have been used medicinally for thousands of generations. There is no concrete evidence that healthy spices can cure any disease, but it can manage certain chronic conditions. Dieticians recommend the use of herbs and spices as they are low in salt and kilojoules and at the same time rich in antioxidants. Healthy spices used in dishes are a great benefit for maintaining a healthy heart.
1. Sage may aid sooth sore throats and preserve memory. Sage tea is recommended for sore throats and upset stomachs. Sage extracts can also improve moods and enhance memory.
2. Rosemary may fight foodborne bacteria and enhance mental focus.
3. Turmeric may inhibit tumors and quell inflammation. Counties such as India use a turmeric paste in the healing of wounds. Turmeric tea may also relieve respiratory problems and the common cold. Pain associated with dental procedures, injuries and arthritis are said to be relieved. Turmeric is also a popular spice for cholesterol lowering.
4. Chile Pepper boosts metabolism and may boost burning of fat.
5. Ginger may help with arthritis pain and upset stomachs and is usually used for its inflammation- fighting compounds. Stomach troubles, colds and muscle pain are reduced when used for consecutive days.
6. Cinnamon may stabilize blood sugar and also used to relieve indigestion and boosting of appetite. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled if used daily some other reports say.
7. Saffron may relieve PMS symptoms and used as a mood enhancer. It is taken as a medicinal tea and also used in rice.
8. Parsley may prevent cancer, especially breast cancer as research at University of Missouri stipulates in the inhibiting of cell growth of cancer cells.
9. Paprika contains antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties and high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.